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Nepalese football league is still at its infancy. Although football in nepal was introduced as early as 1921 during the Rana dynasty, It took awfully long time to form a governing body (1951) and to play an international match (1972). Slowly but steadily footballing culture is on the rise. With the access of world’s premier club competitions like premier league (England), La Liga (Spain) etc. Nepalese football fanatics have figured out what to expect from domestic teams and how the leap forward can be made. There are a lot of recipients and followers of European football which suggests that there is indeed a market in club football in Nepal.

But in this day and age of choices, Nepalese clubs have failed to offer themselves as an alternative. This is largely due to the quality of broadcasting, condition of ground, quality of gameplay, and most importantly lack of advertisement. So as an attempt to fill that gap, here we have compiled some information about the current A division clubs of Nepal. These clubs are reputed names in nepalese football league.

Manang Marshyangdi Club

Despite its name, the club is based in Swyambhu, Kathmandu.
They have won record 8 national league championship.
They have been donning light blue and white kit for much of their history resulting in occasional taunting and criticism from rival fans and critics due to its resemblance with the Argentinian jersey.
Manang Marsyangdi Club forever is the name of the official fan club of MMC.
The team is being managed by Tope Ayodeji Fuja, a Nigerian national.
they are first and only Nepalese club to have participated in the AFC cup (2019).

manang marsyangdi club, most successful club in nepalese footall
Players of the Manang Marsyangdi Club cheer after winning the 5th Manakamana Cable Car Pokhara Cup, at the Pokhara Stadium, in Kaski, on Saturday, April 23, 2016. Photo: THT

 Machhindra FC

a. The club is based in central Kathmandu.
b. MFC were the ones to introduce the current head coach of the nation team, Joan Kalin to Nepalese football.
c. MFC was banned by ANFA in the Nepal National League (2015 AD).

 Nepal Army Club

a. They were previously named as Tribhuwan Army Club.
b. The club is involved in cricket, volleyball and other sports as well in addition to nepalese football.
c. Being one of the departmental sides, they aren’t allowed to buy foreign players.
d. They are popularly nicknamed “the gunmens”.

nepal army club, departmental club of nepalese football

Nepal Police Club

They were previously known as Mahendra police club
The club is owned and managed by Nepal Police.
Being one of the departmental sides, they aren’t allowed to buy foreign players.
Like NAC, they are also involved in other sports besides football.
They finished AFC President’s Cup 2007 as runners up which is one of the biggest achievement for nepalese football clubs in continental showdown.
They have won 4 league titles so far.

Armed Police Force Club (APF)

They are also a departmental side owned and managed by the Armed Police Force of Nepal.
They were originally named Gynanendra APF club.
The club is relatively new having been established only in 2001
They have not won the league so far.

Three Stars Football Club

They are a club based in Patan, Kathmandu (estd.1954)
They are nicknamed “the patanese”.
They have won the league four times.
“We are stars” is the official fan club of the team.
Due to ANFA’s idiotic error, Three Stars were denied the historic opportunity to be the first Nepalese club to participate in the AFC cup in 2017. Participation in AFC cup would have been historic achievement for nepalese football.

three star club; one of the popular clubs in nepalese football

 Himalayan Sherpa Club

The club is based in Hattigauda, Kathmandu (estd 2006)
The club was banned by ANFA in 2015 edition of the National League.
Due to sponsorship reasons the club is also known as yeti Himalayan Sherpa club.
The club reached close to the title in 2008 and 11/12 season where it finished 2nd in both occasions.
As of 2019, Kiran Shrestha is the head coach of the team

New road Team (NR)

The club is based in New Road, Kathmandu (estd 1934).
The club also played a significant role in mobilizing youth against the tyrannical Rana regime.
They have won 4 league titles so far.
Raju Kaji Shakya is the current head coach of the team.

Information of more clubs will be updated soon.

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Did you know? Football in america is a totally different game. It’s played with hands.

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